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This is the official home page for the Vashon High School Army JROTC program. Here, you can check out what's new on the News section, keep up to date with the daily-updated Calendar, check out some pictures of our past events in the Photo Gallery, or find out a little more about our program on the About Us page. This site is here to inform, and keep you up to date with Vashon's JROTC, and keep you entertained on the side... 

Vashon's JROTC, A New Start















What We Do...

JROTC is a cadet led curriculum that motivates young students to be better citizens. Here at Beaumont CTE, we take motivation to another level... Take a quick look at what we do here both inside the class and out:

  • Participate in miscellaneous parades
  • Send tribute to the veterans who have served in the military
  • Learn about first aid, proper etiquette, and job-related curriculum such as how to write a resume
  • Provide entertainment to senior citizens, and citizens in general
  • Present Color Guard at formal events and occasions
  • Attend JCLC (Summer Camp)
  • And so much more! The list goes on and on...

For a more in-depth look at our program, please visit our About Us page, for any other questions or concerns, contact us via the Contact Us page, or call (314) 535-2587 or e-mail us at: